As suggested by his name and well-quaffed visage, El Vez is undeniably an Elvis fan. But don’t be fooled: he’s far from your average gold lamé, skydiving impersonator. El Vez is on a political, pro-Latino mission.

Armed with the mantra, “Say It Loud, I’m Brown And I’m Proud!” and the ability to cheekily convert Elvis tunes into political propaganda, El Vez is a swiveling vehicle for Latino pride and awareness. Not unlike Rage Against The Machine, El Vez tackles subjects including the Zapatistas and other Mexican revolutionaries, while retaining a sense of the absurd.

Songs such as “You Ain’t Nothing But A Chihuahua,” “En el Barrio,” and “Huraraches Azules” (a version of “Blue Suede Shoes”) highlight El Vez’s melding of traditional Elvis with his Latino background. His latest album, Boxing With God, will be released at the end of November.