You should think about this the next time you’re browsing the dates on and you say to yourself, “Self, I’d really like to see Santana, but I think I’ll use my ticket money to buy my mother those botox treatments for Christmas.”

Do you really want to go through life this way?

Every day we do our best to help you plan your life’s mission. Whether it’s dates for Smokie or venues for Harry Connick Jr., at you’ll find everything you need to make the really big decisions. And when you consider all the shows coming up, like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Ozzy Osbourne or Nickelback, do you really need the extra mental baggage of choosing a career or deciding between Leno and Letterman? Of course not.

You’re born, you work, you buy concert tickets, then you die (but hopefully not before the show). Sure, we’ve all heard that old cliché, but sometimes it’s hard to remain focused on life’s goals when you’re facing decisions concerning family and home. Just remember this; life goes on, but Judas Priest may only come to your town once a year. Now, doesn’t that put everything in the proper perspective?

Of course, the great thinkers of the past never had to balance concert tickets for Slipknot or They Might Be Giants with their own personal quests for truth, knowledge and fame. Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Edison, Jeffrey Dahmer, they all struggled to fulfill their own destinies and never once had to decide the big issues like floor seats vs upper level for U2 or whether to see Elton John with a full band or solo. Do you want to end up like them?

So let someone else find a cure for cancer or a way to eliminate email spam. You’re not like them. You know the value of seeing System Of A Down, the inner peace of experiencing a John Stewart concert and the spiritual awakening that is .

And don’t forget to save your ticket stubs. Because when that time comes and you’re facing that final judgement, you’ll have to account for how you spent this precious gift known as life.

And as we all know, whoever has the most ticket stubs at the end wins.