Buck had been charged with assault and drunken behavior aboard a British Airways flight from Seattle to London in April.

But on the second day of the trial at London’s Isleworth Crown Court, Judge John Crocker told jurors, “matters have arisen which necessitate that this trial cannot proceed at the moment.

“I can tell you no more, I am afraid,” Crocker said. “It happens sometimes in court. All I can do is thank you for your patience. I am discharging you from bringing in verdicts in this case.”

On November 12, prosecutor Edward Lewis told the jury of nine men and three women that Buck “became the transmogrification of Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde” after consuming 15 glasses of wine on the trans-Atlantic flight.

Lewis said the 44-year-old guitarist staggered around the plane, got stuck between seats, mistook a hostess trolley for a CD player and covered himself and the cabin services manager with the contents of a yogurt tub.

He also overturned a trolley, sending crockery, honey, cereal and milk flying across the floor, prosecutors said.

The alleged incident occurred as the Georgia-based band traveled to Britain to promote their album Reveal and perform at a Nelson Mandela tribute concert in London’s Trafalgar Square.

Buck denies charges of being drunk on an aircraft, assaulting two cabin crew members, interfering with the performance of a crew member’s duties and damaging British Airways crockery.