As did many other artists, Charlatans UK postponed their tour schedule after the September 11th attacks. They were waylayed by logistics rather than fear, though. The band was one of the few groups that simply couldn’t get into the country when the airlines were grounded.

New dates have the guys starting things off in band leader Tim Burgess’ new home base, Los Angeles, on January 11. They stick around until the end of the month before heading to Japan for a four-date run.

This past summer, the Charlatans UK teased U.S. fans with a small club stint, giving them a taste of their then-forthcoming album. Wonderland was released in September and has received accolades as the band’s best offering yet.

Often lumped in with fellow Manchester bands like Stone Roses and Happy Mondays, the Charlatans have always maintained a distinct sound. The Rolling Stones’ influence on the band is obvious, but the group also have an ear for dance music, as clearly proven in their new album.

Burgess, a longtime dance culture afficionado, has been known to show off his turntable skills as a DJ on the LA club scene. Burgess was sighted spinning in Los Angeles this September.