They’ve been a winning combo since Redman dropped some serious science on Meth’s Tical 2: Judgement Day album.

Although technically solo artists, they released a joint album in 1999 called Blackout. That year also brought about their first tour together. Perhaps tours is a better word, as the two artists were on the road through out the entire year, first joining Jay-Z and DMX, then heading out with the Family Values crew. They continued on the road with Limp Bizkit and System of a Down, taking their edgy sound far beyond the usual hip-hop audience.

2000 saw the gravely voiced Meth and the fluid stylings of Redman on the road together again, this time as headliners with The Outsiderz supporting.

In addition to their success performing live and on record, they have written a soundtrack for and starred in a movie. “How High” is scheduled for release in December and features the two rappers as “two regular guys who smoke something magical, ace college entrance exams and wind up at Harvard,” according to the movie’s site.