They’ve rescheduled a number of shows for the first three months of 2002 and expect to add more shows. Right now, the guys start out in Fairfax, Va., on January 19 and play through February 22. They have a couple of gigs in April, too.

The band postponed their previously scheduled 32-city fall tour because member Kevin Max requested time off for personal reasons. That outing was supposed to start October 4.

Recently, group members had taken time away from the band to work on solo projects. For the upcoming road trip – titled Solo: The Tour – the bandmates will each perform solo sets, showcasing work from their respective projects. Then, they’ll unite for a grand finale as DC Talk.

Michael Tait released his album under the name Tait in July and Kevin Max put out a solo album at the end of August. Toby McKeehan’s project is slated for release sometime in November.

The three group members came together in the early ‘90s while attending the same university. DC Talk quickly became a major player in the resurgence of contemporary Christian music.

As they combined mainstream-friendly beats with a Christian-based message, the band won the praise of critics and fans. DC Talk has headlined a number of major tours, including arena and amphitheatre treks featuring contemporary Christian stars like Michael W. Smith, Jars Of Clay, Newsboys, Jennifer Knapp, and Audio Adrenaline.