Lead singer Beyonce Knowles already has a non-music project in the works. She’s signed on to act in the upcoming “Austin Powers” sequel. Group members Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland have discussed solo albums.

The Grammy-winning trio has been omnipresent over the last couple of years, with back-to-back multiplatinum albums, a string of hits, dolls made in their images, a successful tour and a new holiday disc in stores.

There’s no arguing with the group’s work ethic. They’ve been on the road constantly for the past two years, playing radio festivals and special events, opening the show on Christina Aguilera’s big 2000 tour and moving on to headline their own tours around the world.

Knowles told the E! Entertainment network that it’s time for the group to go on hiatus, but they’re not breaking up.

“Destiny’s Child put out four albums in four years, which is unbelievable. That doesn’t happen a lot,” she said. “We’ve been working – Kelly and I – since we were 9, nonstop. So I think Destiny’s Child is going to take a little break.”

Their well-earned rest will have to until after spring tours of Australia and Europe. The group has dates books from April 29 through June 21.

Thanks to an innocent gaff made by Rowland, the divas have probably been told to spend some of their down-time studying pop music history.

“You know how the Beatles broke off – they all did their solo projects and they came back together and they were even stronger,” she mistakenly said in an interview.

Hey, it’s not like she’s been sitting at home watching “Behind The Music” and boning up on music trivia.