At a press conference in November, Miguel stated that he planned to tour the U.S., South America and Spain as part of his 2002 tour. Details on further shows in South America and Spain haven’t been made available yet.

Miguel is known for his strong live performances and is consistently able to sell out stadium-sized concerts in Latin countries. On this jaunt, he’s booked spots at some of America’s top venues, including two- and three-night stands at the Universal Amphitheatre in California and the Miami Arena. Cox Arena, Mandalay Bay Resort, Compaq Center and Madison Square Garden are the other U.S. venues.

With his polished looks, suave sense of style, and propensity for romantic ballads, Miguel is often called the Latin Frank Sinatra. Since the early ‘90s, he’s rapidly become one of the most popular performers in Latin America. The States love him too, awarding him the prestige of being the only Latino artist to have two Spanish language albums go platinum. Additionally, he’s won four Grammy awards.

Miguel’s latest album, Mis Romances, was released in November. In keeping with what he does best, Mis Romances is yet another offering of boleros and romantic songs.