Progressive bluegrass band Split Lip Rayfield gets thrown into the mix for gigs February 21-28.

With his hair greased to perfection, stiff blue jeans rolled up just so and a devilish grin, the Rev looks every bit the backwoods, hellfire-and-brimstone preacher image he projects. That is, until he takes the guitar and begins to play rockabilly, punk style.

Heat founded his trio in the early ‘90s with the bare bones backing of a stand-up bass and drums. They’ve steadily released an album every two years since their debut, Full Custom Gospel Sounds. Their last one – Spend A Night In The Box – went out in 2000, which means they’re due for a new one. Lucky Seven is expected to hit shelves in late February.

Founded in 1996 by husband and wife team Blaine Cartwright and Ruyter Suys , Nashville Pussy debuted their Let Them Eat Pussy in 1998. If the name of their band doesn’t immediately garner attention, news of their live show will. Former member Cory Parks would literally heat things up with some live fire-breathing.

While Parks has since left, Nashville Pussy’s gigs don’t lack for entertainment. They’re known for their no-holds-barred gigs that challenge anyone believing rock is dead.

Nashville Pussy and Reverend Horton Heat toured together this past August and September. The two bands sold out most of their shows on the club circuit.