Before we begin, we’d like to say how thrilled we are to see all of our users in one place. And we’d like to thank each and every one of you for making the number one locally owned and operated tour date Website on the Internet. Yes, it’s your undying allegiance to artists like Elton John and bands like The Samples and Ekoostik Hookah that keep you coming back day after day, looking for new tour dates. For that, you have our undying gratitude.

And we’ve been reading the email you’ve sent us. We’ve been considering your suggestions and comments, and we’ve lost many a night’s sleep agonizing over your complaints. We understand your need for more than just date and city for Atomic Kitten or venue and state for Kittie. You want more than just a list of one-night stands for traveling musicians. You want it all.

And we’re gonna give it to you.

Soon, we’ll be launching a new and improved Sure, we’ll still list tour dates for Billy Gilman, Bo Diddley and Telefunk, but we’re going to take this concert info thing to the next level.

For example; along with concert dates for Mark Nizer or O-Town, we’ll also list ticket prices, service charge estimates and the number of restrooms – along with flush capacities – available at any given show.

But wait, there’s more.

We’re going to supercharge our Auto Notify feature. Soon, you’ll receive more than just an email telling you that we’ve added new dates for Mustang Sally or that there’s a new tour for Rising Lion. Our Xtreme Auto Notify will send your favorite artist, like Janet Jackson or Ozzy Osbourne, to your very own front door where he or she will personally read to you the list of all new appearances.

Plus, we’ll throw in transportation, financing and even babysitting services so that you can enjoy a great night of musical entertainment. And when it’s all over, when you’re physically exhausted from an exhilarating evening of seeing The Moody Blues or The Rollins Band, our trained professionals will drive you home, feed you a gourmet dinner and then tuck each and every one of you into your beds. You can’t buy service like this!

Well, actually you can. You see, great services like the aforementioned don’t come cheap, and offering free content like schedules for Aaron Carter and Shoe Suede Blues Feat. Peter Tork barely keeps us out of the red. That’s why our new services are going to be subscription only. That’s right, for a small fee, somewhere around $10 or $15 per month, you’ll be able to enjoy fantastic features like… like…

Hey, where did everybody go?