Plans for this two-band wave of destruction have been in the works since the beginnings of 2001. Hailing from Washingtons on opposite sides of the country – Death Cab comes from the state while Dismemberment hails from the District of Columbia – the two bands share a mutual fondness and fan base.

Death Cab For Cutie released their third full length effort, The Photo Album, in October.

Dismemberment Plan let loose their fourth offering, Change, in October as well.

Both bands have done their share of road bonding this year. Death Cab headlined a small fall outing with Shiner supporting on a few dates and Dismemberment Plan paid a little visit to Iceland, the U.K. and Europe.

Before they head out on the road together, Death Cab and Dismemberment will have a go at a few solo gigs.

Dismemberment Plan snag a handful of East Coast shows at the end of the month, including a two-night stand in their hometown, before heading to Japan for five shows.

Death Cab For Cutie take a quick run around the U.K. and Spain January 23 – February 12.