Biohazard venture onward January 30 through February 27, tackling Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Spain on their own.

As to what fans can expect from their show, vocalist/bassist Evan Seinfeld says “A Biohazard concert is a tribal ritual, a place for the band and audience to exorcize our personal demons, and it is an outlet for kids as a place where they are free to be themselves! [Our live show is] just a heartfelt delivery of our music and interactions with the fans and some powerful imagery.”

“Whatever we do live is just to enhance and reinforce the lyrics to the songs that mean so much to us.”

As New Yorkers who released their seventh album, uncannily titled Uncivilization, on that infamous day in September, Biohazard have taken their political agenda in a new direction. They’ve dubbed their new performance lineup the Tour Against Terrorism and have made a marked stand that the threat of terrorism will not interfere with their touring schedule. While other bands were diving off the Tattoo The Planet fall European tour, Biohazard stepped up to the plate and joined the crew, determined to continue rocking.

Inspired by influences as varied as Black Sabbath and Run DMC, Biohazard formed in the late ‘80s as a way for the members to escape the spiral of drugs and violence in their neighborhoods. Through constant touring, the group became aware of socio-political problems facing their fans and have sought to use their music as a platform to address the issues.

Outside of their own political agenda, Biohazard are one of the first bands to fuse hip-hop and hardcore metal, paving the way for the new wave of rap-core groups. Uncivilzation is a testimony to their blending of the two distinct sounds and features appearances by members of Pantera, Type-O Negative, Cypress Hill, Slipknot and Sepultura, among others.