New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany and the U.K. also host the band on their international trek.

Formed while the members were still in high school, Sum 41 started as most bands do – by playing in friends’ basements and at local cafes. A couple of years later in 1999, they were signed to a record label and released their first EP, Half Hour Of Power, in 2000.

With the delivery of their EP, Sum 41 hit the ground running. That year they snatched support slots with Fenix-TX, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Face To Face and Catch 22. Already making a name for themselves in their homeland, Sum 41 looked south to conquer the States.

In 2001 they released their debut All Killer No Filler, which contained the hit single “Fat Lip.” Loaded with catchy punk/pop tunes and an appetite for pranks, Sum 41 were set to join the majors.

In addition to platinum sales, tours with Blink-182, an opening slot at the MTV 20th Anniversary show and their own personal rock salute (four fingers on the right hand, and the middle finger up on the left), Sum 41 have been named by Rolling Stone as one of their people of the year for 2001.