The X.O. Straight, No Chaser Tour features fellow Likwit Crew (comprising Tha Liks, King T, and Xzibit) member Defrai in the support slot.

Named after – what else? – a brand of alcoholic beverage, X.O. Experience is Tha Liks’ fourth album and the first with their new moniker. Regarding the name change, group member Tash (Rico Smith) said, “Most of our fans have been calling us Tha Liks for awhile now. It’s always been an abbreviation of our name. Once an Alkaholik, always an Alkaholik.”

But rest assured, “although we changed the name, we didn’t necessarily change our formula,” J-Ro (James Robinson) pointed out.

Wanting the album to reflect their style, they “chose artists who are either down with the Likwit Crew or whose sound we felt complimented ours,” says E-Swift (Eric Brooks). For X.O. Experience, he shares the turntables with DJ Scratch, The Neptunes and Rockwilder, among others.

Known for their high-energy performances and party-friendly tunes, Tha Liks hit the underground scene in the early ‘90s with the single “Make Room.” They’ve had a handful of alcohol-fueled tunes like “Likwit/Only When I’m Drunk” during their 10 years together and toured the world over on the merits of their crowd-pleasing shows.

Tha Liks tagged along on Snoop Dogg‘s Puff Puff Pass tour last year after releasing a new album the day before hitting the road in July.