Last June, McCain released his fourth album, Far From Over, which found the moody artist exploring new themes and sounds in his music.

“I was becoming known for these kind of dirgey acoustic songs – music to slash your wrists by – and I was leaving something out. But not anymore! It’s the new Aggro-Edwin!,” he said of his new approach.

“Y’know, I used to play in shorts and Doc Martens, and I might go back to that,” he said. “And I used to wear a red Cincinnati Reds baseball cap – I was when he was still picking his nose!”

This new outing is McCain’s first official tour of the year – surprising considering the hard-working guy spends a ridiculous amount of time on the road each year. Last year he loaded up his gear for the first part of his Far From Over tour, which ran from early summer into the fall. This new leg is an acoustic version.

McCain and Marathon’s stops include Memphis, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Orlando, Atlanta, Charlotte, Norfolk, and even venture north into New York during their 18-date trip.