Florida will welcome the prog-rock band for 10 shows, while other states on the Eastern seaboard will see their fair share of the crew on their April 23 – May 18 tour.

Washington, D.C., Fort Lauderdale and Clearwater get Jethro Tull for two nights apiece.

The band is an anomaly among classic-rockers because they’ve never split up, reunited, or toured the oldies circuit in all their years performing.

They don’t seem to get tired either, as this latest batch of dates indicates. Tull were all over the world last year and, as their 1999 album title – j-tull.com – indicates, they keep up with the times, though on their own terms.

“I am not one for nostalgia or reminiscences and prefer to live in the present and the future,” Anderson said. “However, some of our audience obviously like the nostalgia bit, and the old material which we play is, for them perhaps, a trip down memory lane.

“For us, it’s not about playing a song which could be 30 years old. It’s about playing something 24 hours old, since that’s when we probably last played it onstage. Our style of music is, I hope, a little bit timeless and not rooted in a particular fashion.”

Jethro Tull released three remastered albums and one collection – The Very Best Of Jethro Tull – in 2001.