While popular yet unproven wisdom agrees that people who follow tour dates, like the March schedule for Ratdog or the additions for Martin Sexton and Lonnie Liston Smith, are generally more coherent than the general populace, we never realized just how true that assumption was until we accrued some hard facts and even harder figures about you, the Pollstar.com family of users.

Sure, we had heard that concert schedule aficionados were known to be more up to date on current affairs, controversial issues and political concerns. But we thought that was just so much hot air, sizzle cooked up by our marketing department in order that we could sell a theoretical quantity of potential future impressions to prospective advertisers. Imagine our surprise when it was actually proven that our itinerary audience, the same ones who click on the schedules for 4 Him, Neil Diamond and every day, turned out to be the most knowledgeable people on the Net.

How do we know all this? Unbeknownst to most people, ourselves included, we commissioned a survey by the famous TV audience research corporation, the Harry Nilsson Company. It was through their painstaking observations via two-way computer monitors that we were able to ascertain the true depth of our users, and create partial demographic emotional breakdowns regardless of whether they prefer to sort the Sandi Patty dates by cities or the *NSYNC schedule in order of venue concessions. Make no mistake about it. This was the most thorough and contemptible survey ever undertaken. Heck, even the undertakers were surprised.

What did we learn? For example, while most of the population is aware of breaking headlines, such as the recent resignation of Enron CEO Kenneth Lay, it was only those of you obsessed with the schedules for Ronan Tynan, Santana and Lorrie Morgan that understood that he would remain the head of his family’s potato chip company, while his brother Frito would head up the corn chip division. That’s pretty astute.

But it was presidential matters where you folks really shined. Sure, your support for the president mirrored the nationwide numbers, but it was the level of comprehension of the other important issues that face our Commander in Chief that really knocked the proverbial socks off of our hypothetical feet.

For instance, 79 percent of Aaron Tippin fans believed that the president should have disclosed his current medical condition during the election campaign, while 11 percent thought he should lay low and let his chief of staff, former L.A. lawyer Leo McGarry take the rap. What’s even more remarkable is that the remaining 10 percent agreed that President Bartlet bears a remarkable resemblance to actor Martin Sheen. Surprised? Of course you are.

We could go on, but any more observations would be pointless, not to mention, totally irrelevant. Suffice to say, when someone accuses the average Pollstar.com user of being liberal, conservative, right wing or left, we can proudly proclaim that our users are none of the above, and if given the chance, will always gravitate towards the west wing. And we have the numbers to prove it.