And it sure has been a busy one. What with a new tour for Journey and additional dates for the Dave Matthews Band, plus everything in between like the schedules for Greenwheel, Speak No Evil and Si*Se’, we’ve really had our hands full this week. And now it’s TGIF and TGWHAGD time. Yeah, Thank God It’s Friday, but more importantly, Thank God We Have A Good Dentist.

You need a good DDS when your business is collecting dates for Black Umfolosi and . What’s more, you need one who can handle all your dental needs, and in these days of specialization, that’s not easy to find.

For example, take that toothache incident of a couple of weeks ago. After spending the entire week dealing with the agents for Martin Simpson and Kid Rock, and talking with the managers for Unwritten Law and Rob Zombie, we were in desperate need of some serious tooth pulling. Thankfully, our dentist was able to get us in that Friday. He climbed right up on the chair, braced both legs on either side, and yanked and pulled until he got that sucker out. What’s more, the screaming didn’t bother him one bit.

Then there was last month’s root canal. It happened right after we had chased down the schedules for Bill Jones, Jim Norton and 12 Stones. Sure, it was bloody, but our dentist knew what we needed, and he wasn’t afraid to dive in and get his hands dirty. That’s important when it comes to picking a good dentist. You need one who can pry the old jaws open and dig a trench through those gums that would make Panama proud, while at the same time, avoid all that kicking. Yeah, our dentist is truly one of a kind.

And now another Friday is upon us, and that means a trip to our friendly dentist. And after a week of bickering with the agent for KISS and squabbling with the managers for Dilated Peoples and Morbid Angel, we definitely need some quality oral surgery time. Yes, whether it’s dentures, fillings, abscessed molars or extractions, our dentist is the man who makes all our troubles worthwhile.

But best of all, he lets us watch. Gosh, maybe today he’ll even let us sharpen the drill while he straps his patient into the chair. We can hardly wait.