Cornershop burst onto the charts in 1997 with the hit single “Brimful Of Asha.” While most were just bobbing their heads to the beat and trying to figure out what “Asha” was (the song is a tribute to Indian singer Asha Bhosle), the album that hosted the single, When I Was Born For The 7th Time, was quickly making the rounds on the critics’ Top 10 lists as album of the decade.

Shortly thereafter, Cornershop took a break and seemingly fell off the face of the earth. Part of the band – lead singer Tjinder Singh and guitarist Ben Ayers – formed a side project called Clinton and toured sparingly, doing DJ sets. They formed their own label, Meccico Records, and released a few EPs. But Cornershop remained on the back burner until last year.

Now, the five-piece band is back with a new album, Handcream For A Generation, and tour. They return to North American soil April 26 in Las Vegas and jet around the States and Canada through the end of May.

Cornershop are currently touring the U.K. in support of Handcream For A Generation, which will be released April 3 in the States.