It’s that dark corner of the soul from which the entire world seems to be stacked against you. It’s the deep sense of despair that results in sleepless nights, lack of appetite and a general feeling of insurmountable anguish, as if everyone has great seats for Paul McCartney. That is, everyone but you.

What to do? While medical science doesn’t have all the answers, the latest anecdotal evidence indicates that a healthy supply of tour dates, such as the new listing for Prong, or the latest dates for Barry Manilow and Rachel Stamp, can help ease the gloominess and hopelessness that results from depression.

Which is why is leading the fight against the cerebral monster that is depression. After all, when you consider all the promoters, booking agents and artist managers we deal with each day in order to bring you the latest dates for Elvis Costello and Deicide, who better to understand depression than the staff? Our unlicensed psychiatric staff of doctors, all of whom graduated from the finest unaccredited offshore medical schools the Internet has to offer, spend each day wading through mountains of email from concert fans who quite literally have reached the end of their collective ropes.

But it’s going to take more than a list of dates for The Connells or Pat Metheny Group posted on a Website to cure all the maladjusted people of society. That is why we are asking each and every user to join us in our battle against depression. For if each one of you emails your favorite Website and asks the webmaster to post a link to, the battle against depression will take one giant leap forward.

Imagine! With one simple email, you could help former Enron employees forget about the loss of their retirement funds by leading them to the dates for Caitlin Cary and Beachwood Sparks. A direct link from to the listing for could help Ted Koppel move past his feelings of irrelevancy. Furthermore, a direct link to the Dave Davies itinerary placed on Russell Crowe’s MyYahoo start page could ease the sense of failure resulting from coming this close to winning Oscar’s Best Actor award two years in a row.

Just think of it! If each major Website had a direct link to, we could lick this thing called depression. And if a direct link to tour dates, such as the calendars for Chris LeDoux and John Mellencamp, can help make this world a better place, just imagine what would happen if your favorite Website also added a link to the store. All it takes is one simple email. Please, for the sake of humanity, won’t you help?

Gosh, we feel better already.