The country star said, “To me, when people come to our shows, I want them to check their drama, their problems, their troubles at the door. We’re here to make sure people have a good time – and so far, in the buildings we’ve been playing, it’s been pretty much chaos! I’m hoping when we get outside, people can really go crazy and have a ball, because isn’t that the whole point?”

With tickets to many shows now starting close to the $100 mark, Chesney is keen to make his concerts more pocketbook friendly. “I remember being young and saving up for shows. And now, it’s way too expensive,” Chesney said. “I want the fans to come out. I want them to be able to afford to do that, not have to scrimp and save and sacrifice. I want ‘em all to come and to rock.

“That’s why, especially for these summer shows, I wanted to make sure we had one helluva package, you know, acts that would really give people their money’s worth.”

Tickets for most of the shows on Chesney’s tour remain below $50.