Although the bands are veteran rock groups with a long history, both have remained active participants in the music arena. The Scorpions are cooking up plans for making an “up-to-date rock album” which they expect to release in 2003. On a side note, the band said that “due to the numerous tour activities, plans for the 2002 Anniversary album are now in the background. Nevertheless, we will continue to work on an attractive package for our fans.”

Already looking ahead to 2004, Scorpions will be doing the musical Winds Of Change in Berlin. The musical will premiere many new Scorpion songs as well as classics.

As for Deep Purple, they’ve been busy shuffling band members around as usual. Keyboardist Jon Lord retired in March to focus on his side projects. Don Airey is his new replacement.

Deep Purple’s most recent U.S. tour was last year when they co-headlined an outing with Lynyrd Skynyrd. The Scorpions, on the other hand, haven’t done a full-blown Stateside tour since 1999 when they went out with Motley Crue. In 2000, the band teamed up with local orchestras for a five-day rock around the West Coast.