Westerberg’s fourth solo album, Stereo, is set for release April 23 – the same day he’ll be performing in Portland, Ore. Accompanying Stereo will be a full-length album made under Westerberg’s side project, Grandpaboy. The record is titled Mono and reflects the process Westerberg took when recording the new albums; that is, one was recorded in stereo and the other in mono.

With Westerberg’s active return to the stage, the rumor mill has started buzzing about a possible Replacements reunion. The Replacements, an iconic punk group of the ‘80s, split in 1991. Westerberg has been quoted recently saying, “We’ll get together again one day,” although when that day is and exactly who “we” entails is not entirely clear. However, Tommy Stinson said, “I am currently committed to Guns n’ Roses, which would also make any Replacements reunion a one-man reunion at best,” virtually quashing Westerberg’s vision for a Replacements reunion in the near term.