“I suffered an injury that caused severe nerve damage to my left arm and hand,” explained Mustaine. “It was diagnosed as Radial Neuropathy – specifically, a ‘compressed radial nerve.’ My doctors tell me it will take about a year to make as complete a recovery as I can, and even then, we don’t know how complete that is going to be.

“In the meantime, while I work on rebuilding my arm, I will take this opportunity to reappraise my career and future. For the time being, I have decided to exit Megadeth and explore other areas of the music business where I might make a contribution without being able to play my instrument.”

The band had been on a break from their The World Needs A Hero tour supporting their album of the same name when Mustaine’s injury occurred.

After being kicked out of Metallica in 1983 for substance abuse, Mustaine formed metal quartet Megadeth. The band went on to be one of the leaders in thrash metal music through the ‘80s and even into the ‘90s when their style of music was deemed on the outs.

Throughout their career, Megadeth have consistently released albums that have gained gold status, toured incessantly, and been one of the most successful rock bands on the market.

As Mustaine echoed from their Youthanasia album, “A tout le monde, a tous mes amis. Je vous aime, Je dois partir.” (To all the world, to all my friends. I love you, I have to leave.)