Named after a brand of tissues, the Statler Brothers formed in 1955. While none of the members – Harold Reid, Phil Balsley, and Lew DeWitt – were actually blood relations, they shared a close bond, having originally been a gospel group. Around 1960 with the recruitment of Don Reid, the group took on the moniker Kingsmen, but were forced to change a few years later to Statler Brothers when they discovered the name was already taken.

The Statler Brothers got their big break when they were asked to open for a local Johnny Cash concert. Cash was so impressed with the group that he invited them to join the tour. In the end, the Statler Brothers stuck by Cash’s side for nearly 10 years.

Over the course of their career, the Statler Brothers had several top hits, including “Bed Of Roses,” “I’ll Go To My Grave Loving You,” and “Do You Know You Are My Sunshine,” culled from their 60-plus albums.

Until quitting time, though, the Statler Brothers are still out there performing. Their current tour schedule has them playing gigs from the end of April through June, hitting theatres on a mostly West Coast run.

While they’re breaking from the road, the group plans to continue making music. Work has started on a gospel music album, but there’s no word of when it will be released.