According to label reps for Pinmonkey, the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Despite such calamity, the band were able to make their show that same night at The Plex in Charleston. Tony Moreale, BNA Southeast promotion manager, took the band out on a shopping spree so they’d have something to wear for their performance and The Plex offered up a courtesy vehicle to transport the Pinmonkeys and their equipment to the event.

While they’ve only just been signed to a major record label and have yet to release their official debut (expect the album to hit shelves in August), the Pinmonkeys are already generating a healthy amount of buzz in Nashville. They recently sent out an indie release, Speak No Evil, which Appalachian and bluegrass-loving critics have lapped up and stamped with “promise.”

Pinmonkey is out on the road on a radio promotion tour in support of their new single, “Barbed Wire And Roses.” The tour continues around the Southern states and reaches Colorado near the end of June as a final destination. Two shows in late July are also on the band’s schedule.