In another bold move, all singers from the touring troupe, which boasts an all-Chinese cast from the Chinese National Opera, will wear microphones to compensate for the often poor acoustics in arenas where “Turandot” will play.

“It will be an arena production, done in the round,” said Ian Maclaren, president of Rudas.

“Our traveling opera will have a cast of 180 people and our set will be 60 feet tall,” Maclaren explained.

The stage will take up an estimated 40 percent of each venue’s floor space.

Maclaren said the production is a direct outgrowth of the “Three Tenors” extravaganzas staged by Rudas’ founder, Tibor Rudas.

“Turandot” is Puccini’s opera set in a fantasy version of Imperial China. The libretto, by Guiseppe Adami and Renato Simoni, is based on a 1792 staged fairytale by Venetian playwright Carlo Gozzi, who is believed to have taken the plot elements from “Arabian Nights.”

“Turandot” is the story of cruel Chinese ice-princess, Turandot, who poses three riddles to each of her royal suitors. Those who fail the test are executed. Calaf, the exiled prince of the Tartars, finally answers the riddle.

This production of “Turandot” hits the road starting September 4 in Montreal, Canada. Fifteen total stops are on the itinerary, which wraps October 24 in New York.