The young group is already garnering a lot of press, despite the fact their debut album isn’t due for a U.S. release until July 16. Much like The Strokes and The Hives, The Vines’ sound leans heavily towards early ‘70s New York punk.

Formed by high school chums Craig Nicholls, Patrick Matthews, and David Olliffe while working at McDonald’s in Sydney, The Vines named their band after an obscure ‘60s Australian group called the Vynes, which just happened to feature Nicholls’ father.

Since Olliffe prefers not to tour, the band recruited Hamish Rosser in his place. Ryan Griffiths rounded out the band and they set off to make a record.

Singles like “Factory” and “Highly Evolved” have already climbed the U.K. charts and have set a promising precedent for their forthcoming album, Highly Evolved.