“Yes, that’s pretty much the size of it. We’ll completely eliminate all those expenses from gathering ticket stubs.”

“Sounds good to me, but I’ll need some final figures.”

“Way ahead of you on that one, C.J. For example, if we spend $67.50 for a Rush ticket, pay someone $15.00 per hour to tear that ticket, lessee… that works out to approximately 14 cents per tear… Add in full medical and dental, subtract the four, carry the service charge, add ten bucks for shipping… Got it! It will cost us in the neighborhood of $105 for each ticket stub we sell to the collectors for two bucks each.”

“Hmmm… that means we lose about $103 per every two dollar sale.”

“Yes, but that’s in brick & mortar money, C.J. If you apply dot-com economics it means we make $72 for every stub sold.”

“Sounds good to me. Yes, Alice?”

“Idealab is on the phone, C.J. They like the idea and they want to invest another $55 million in TicketStub.com.”

“Then it’s settled. Now, what’s our next order of business? Oh, yes. BMG’s proposal to acquire TicketStub.com for $50 billion. Any thoughts on the matter? Yes, Robert…”