The tour, which features Hunter’s band as the backing musicians, launches May 7 in Bristol. Fifteen shows are confirmed, but plans are still being finalized.

Classic rock fans will remember Hunter and Ralphs from the much-lauded English band, Mott The Hoople. Hunter and Ralphs formed Mott in 1969 and the band shot to the top of the charts shortly thereafter. With some help from the hit single “All The Young Dudes,” written by David Bowie, Mott The Hoople sat atop the English rock throne from 1972 – 1974.

However, as quickly as they rose, they fell. Ralphs split from Mott in 1973 and went on to form Bad Company. While Mott The Hoople shouldered on for a bit, they eventually disbanded in late 1974.

Hunter soon launched a successful solo career that continues still. His latest album, Rant, was released in 2001.

After Bad Company disbanded for the first time, Ralphs launched his own solo career. He later worked on all Bad Company reunion albums and tours, only retiring from touring with the group in 2000.

Ralphs’ second solo album, All Good, was released in 2002.