Hackett will be joined onstage by his longtime band members Roger King (keys), Rob Townsend (saxophone/flute), Terry Gregory (bass), and Gary O’Toole (drums).

As fans of progressive rockers Genesis will undoubtedly know, Hackett was a pivotal member during the band’s most popular period. He joined the group around 1970, replacing original guitarist Anthony Phillips, and stayed on for seven years, seeing Genesis through their hit albums like Selling England By The Pound, Genesis Live, and Wind & Wuthering.

While in the last years of his band membership, Hackett released a solo album, Voyage Of The Acolyte. Although the record is sometimes considered to be a “lost Genesis album” thanks in part to Phil Collins and Michael Rutherford’s help, Hackett’s second solo album that followed clearly showed he was ready to take his career out on his own.

In 1986, he teamed up with four guys, including Yes guitarist Steve Howe, to form GTR. The band’s eponymous album spawned a major hit single, “When The Heart Rules The Mind,” and a subsequent international tour. However, GTR was short lived and the band broke up after touring.

Since then, Hackett has remained a solo artist, touring progressive-friendly territories in Europe and Japan. He last played to American fans in 1993.