The band has laid fairly low since 1998, when they were last out on the road. A few shows here and there are on the record, but no major tours or albums since And You Think You Know What Life’s About.

However, that’s all about to change as Dishwalla have a new tour lined up to accompany their just-released album, Opaline. The alt rock fivesome have been back on American stages since the beginning of April and with a new spate of recently announced shows, they look to continue their trek through July.

Dishwalla’s debut album, Pet Your Friends, which spawned the “Counting Blue Cars” hit, was a critically acclaimed record, even garnering a Billboard award for rock song of the year. But when it came time for the group to release their sophomore effort, And You Think You Know What Life’s About, things didn’t go so well.

The album was released in the midst of a big label merger and Dishwalla consequently fell through the cracks. “It was a frustrating situation because everything involved with the album was beyond our control,” said vocalist J.R. Richards. “We did the only thing we could: we stuck it out and moved on.”

And move on they did. Dishwalla toured fairly heavily through ‘98, including a performance at Woodstock ‘98, and contributed songs to a number of soundtracks including “American Pie.”

Dishwalla today is Richards, Rodney Browning Cravens, Scot Alexander, Pete Maloney, and Jim Wood.