Wakeman’s reunion completes the classic Yes lineup – one identical to that from the peak of their career. In a question/answer session on his site, Wakeman says thanks to “strong management, (for the first time in many, many years) there seems to be a really good feeling about the future” and foresees his current stint with the band lasting “a long time.”

“We are very excited to have Rick joining us on tour; it’s something that the fans have wanted to see for quite some time and we are happy to be playing with him again,” said bassist/vocalist Chris Squire.

“I am so looking forward to this tour and hope that it may be just the start of more exciting musical events to come,” said Rick Wakeman. “There is no greater band in the world and it’s always an honor to walk on stage as part of Yes. This time around there is no doubt it will be something special.”

Just before the start of the tour, Yes will release a retrospective five-CD album. Titled In A Word: Yes (1969 – ), the boxed set features more than three decades of music, with each of the 55 tracks remastered. An 80-page booklet packed full of liner notes, quotes, essays, photos and other goodies will accompany the package.

There are no plans for a studio album, but speculation suggests that if all goes well, a studio album could follow sometime in 2003.

Since their start in the late ‘60s, Yes have been one of the most successful progressive rock bands on record. Despite a constantly changing lineup, they’ve remained dedicated to their sound and fans, and likewise, fans have been dedicated to them.