Dion, who took a two-year break from her career to have a baby, has signed on to a three-year, 600-show engagement at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The casino thinks so much of her they are building a $95 million theatre for her to perform in – the Colosseum.

“When I do something, I do it all the way,” Dion said. “I’ve been in show business so many years. I’ve achieved a lot of things.

“Once you know that something else is possible … I want to go there. Now is the time for me to discover something new.”

The show will include 70 dancers, acrobats, musicians, and a piano soaring into the audience, as well as Dion singing her hits like “My Heart Will Go On.” The show’s director is Franco Dragone, a veteran of Cirque du Soleil productions.

Tickets for the first three months of Dion’s lengthy stint at Caesars Palace go on sale today, May 23. Never mind that they’re almost one year in advance, as the first show isn’t until March 27, 2003.

At the 4,000-seat Colosseum, every seat is a good seat: none are more than 120 feet away from the stage.

Tickets are set at $87.50, $127.50 and $150.

Prior to her three-year revue in Vegas, Dion will warm up her vocal chords with a couple of performances over the next few weeks, starting with VH1’s Divas show May 23.