Their latest album, A Word In Your Ear, was released this spring.

If they remind listeners of Badly Drawn Boy, it’s for a good reason; Alfie toured with the one-man-band as both the opening act and backing band shortly after they signed to his Twisted Nerve label in 1999. Comprising the usual guitar, drums, and bass, Alfie throw in the odd cello, trumpet and organ making them a difficult band to pigeonhole.

As vocalist Lee Gorton says, “We’ve been labeled everything from baggy to folk to psychedelia. I don’t think anyone has got it spot on yet.”

Although this is their first Stateside appearances, Alfie are no strangers to the road. Since their first gig in 1998, the Manchester band has remained a steady fixture in the U.K. club and theatre scene. In addition to supporting Badly Drawn Boy, they’ve played alongside the likes of Coldplay, Mum & Dad, Embrace, Show Patrol, and DJ Andy Votel.

Prior to their American dates, Alfie will be playing alongside Doves, Elbow and New Order at the Move festival in their hometown of Manchester, England.