Needless to say, Damnaged accepted.

“Of all the hundreds of acts under consideration, Glenn Danzig has selected Damnaged as the opening act for his forthcoming tour,” said Danzig manager Bob Ring. “This is a significant opportunity given previous Danzig opening acts include Korn and Disturbed.”

Damnaged have a new album to support while on the outing. Aggression Therapy is a set of nine songs written by lead singer and guitarist Nick Woodward. Bandmates Chris Johnson and Trevor Fox lent their musical talents to the album. Newbie member Jeff Roderick signed on after the record was made.

Despite the hardcore, aggressive nature of their music, the guys in Damnaged all cite close family ties and parental support as a positive factor in their lives. Although drummer Johnson confesses, “I don’t know where this will all end up,” he concludes he is “sure enjoying the ride that’s getting me there.”

And what teen-ager wouldn’t.

The tour launches June 1 in Phoenix and wraps July 12 in Detroit.