The lawsuit, filed by T-Shirt Hell, Inc., on May 28 in a U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, alleges that its design reading “Fuck My Family I’m Moving in With the Osbournes” has been lifted by the Osbournes.

Ozzy’s version of the shirt states: “*&@# My Family! I’m Moving in with … The Osbourne Family.”

Ozzy and Sharon aren’t the only ones named in the suit. T-Shirt Hell is also suing Epic Records, Sony Music Entertainment, Signature Network, Monolith Ltd. Corp., Hot Topic Inc. and Lexitrends Inc. for their part in the alleged trademark infringement.

According to reports regarding the suit, Epic Records and Sony Entertainment placed an order for $500 worth of T-Shirt Hell’s Osbourne shirt design back in March. They then went and licensed the similar T-shirt design through the various companies mentioned in the suit.

T-Shirt Hell are purveyors of raunchy shirts. On their official Web site, where they continue to sell the much-disputed shirt, the company has a side-by-side comparison of their version vs. Ozzy’s shirt. The site reads, “We kick so much ass that our favorite TV family has stolen this original T-shirt.”

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