“This is my dream show,” said Rose. “[Mr.] Lifto has recovered from a shopping cart accident and is ready. The Mexican transvestite wrestlers have a bone to pick. Low Blow Ventura, Trailor Trash Guerro, Tickles Valdez, and Billy Martinez the Barrio Bottom are ready to compete for the panty weight belt.”

“It’s like I’m putting my entire backyard on television,” he said, referring to the deal with Boxx Communications, which is filming the troupe in their element for a possible TV airing. Boxx is said to have wired the Circus’ bus with lights, cameras and sound equipment to capture the surreal goings-on, 24/7.

Along with the amazing Mr. Lifto, who is best known for lifting weights with his, um, manly parts, other circus members on hand are Bebe the Beautiful, who blows fire out of her nether regions; the Idiot Brothers; and Rubberboy.

The modern day freak show has toured steadily for more than 10 years but the show continually evolves. According to the group’s spokesperson, this year’s show explores and sometimes exposes the difference between man, monster and dumbass.

Already in progress, the tour continues through mid-July with more dates expected to be added.