Hailing from Russia, Igor Yuzov (singer/guitarist) and Oleg Bernov (singer/bassist) were originally part of the crazy Russian folk ‘n’ roll band Limpopo. The duo toured North America, released two albums, and even won an international band competition on Ed McMahon’s “Star Search” in 1993.

In 1996, Yuzov and Vernov teamed up with balalaika (and who doesn’t love the balalaika music?) player Zhenya Kolykhanov, moved to Los Angeles and formed the Red Elvises. Their eclectic notions lead the guys to combine sounds from their homeland with the Southern California cool rock.

Thanks to a healthy underground following, the Red Elvises have been packing clubs from California to Moscow ever since. Their tour history reads like a TV guide: There’s something on every night.

And they’re venturing out on the open road once again. Starting September 4 in San Jose, Calif., the Red Elvises will traverse clubs and pubs from coast to coast through November.

As is their standard, the band is keeping ticket prices to a tenner.

With playing so many shows annually, the Red Elvises have to keep fans entertained with new tunes. The band has a good 10 albums under their sparkley belts, sometimes putting out two or three per year. And yes, there’s one called Shake Your Pelvis.

The most recent record was a mostly Russian-language album called Rokenrol, which they plan to re-recorded in English.