Judging by Operator #4291’s appearance, long skirts are definitely in this fall. As the employee checks over the schedules for Wayne Toups and Keller Williams, one cannot help but notice the fuller skirt complimented by a simple sweater topped off with some lace. An elegant yet simple look that tantalizes the eye and says that this is a person who knows the score on the upcoming fall tours by Watershed and Warsaw Poland Brothers.

Meanwhile, Operator #5912’s flashy outfit cries, “Take me out to see The Verve Pipe and Down!” Vibrant colors plus a loose, off-the shoulder peasant blouse is guaranteed to make bands like Cast Iron Filter and Nonpoint sit up and take notice when this sexy tour-date processor enters the music hall. And those shoes! The black stiletto, high-heeled boots clearly show that this is a person that can rock and roll all night, and party every day.

Of course, bare skin is still popular among our in-house fashion elite. Operator #4912 always catches Guttermouth’s attention by wearing low-slung jeans along with a short, cotton halter that leaves little to the imagination, while Operator #5012 prefers the demure look, with a loose-fitting blouse that gives Filter and Everclear a sneak glimpse of the belly-button while sensuously hinting at what might happen after the encore.

Weeks of going to the gym have paid off for Operator #4913, who prefers skin-tight latex jump suits emphasizing the well-formed highlights of the body. Once accessorized with flashy bracelets and an oh-so-suggestive ankle chain, this employee will bring Gilby Clarke and Chuck Berry to their respective knees come showtime.

Yes, the Pollstar.com employees are nothing if not dedicated fashion trendsetters. They’ll lead the fashion world by their collective upturned noses while entering dates for Joan Baez or revising the schedules for The Love Dogs and Meshell Ndegeocello. Whether it’s bare midriffs, plunging necklines or quiet yet seductive cotton dresses coupled with snug-fitting sweaters and strappy high heels, the Pollstar.com employee is a sight to behold.

But that’s enough about the guys. Later this week we’ll tell you what the ladies of Pollstar.com are wearing this fall.