Rocko here. The new customer service rep at

You may have heard that things have been a little rough since my pal Tony Pollstar took over the family business. Like collecting 15 percent off the top of every click on Stone Sour, Remy Shand and Dr. John hasn’t been a piece of pie if you know what I mean. Or as Tony sez, “It ain’t all peaches and skim.”

But we’d be lyin’ if we said all the veteran employees have taken to our Hackensack operating methods like a schmuck takes to water. For example, the big guy was really surprised when he found out that the accountant, a long-time employee named Dickens, was only keeping one set of books to record the cash overflow resulting from listing the new tours for Flogging Molly and Big Al & The Heavyweights. Heck, I thought Tony was going to lay some serious hurt on that bean counter, but he just took it all in stride. It’s like Tony sez, “No use crying over milking the spill.”

So, that’s the way it is here at the compound. We’re still listing the best tour dates around, like the schedules for Andrew W.K. and Dave Matthews Band. Meanwhile, Tony is spending some extra quality time with all the veteran employees. With some, all it took was a little talk, with others, it took a little meeting, and for the hard-of-hearing, well, all it took was a little accident. However, don’t get the wrong impression, for Tony doesn’t wanna be tagged as being one of those tough guys. Or like Tony sez, “You don’t wanna put all your broken legs in one casket.”

But Tony ain’t too sure what to do about that Dickens guy. The accountant just doesn’t want to listen to reason and keeps insisting that we do everything on the up and chuck. Like, he wants invoices on all the trucks pulling into the loading docks between midnight and 6 a.m. And he keeps insisting on using only one set of books for tracking the cash flow from listing acts like D.R.I. and Bowling For Soup. You know, when it comes to that Dickens guy, I think Tony will let it go only so far before push comes to shovels and our Mr. Dickens ends up goin’ for a ride. So you might want to watch for a little opening in the accounting department. But don’t start submitting those resumes just yet.

After all, it’s just like Tony sez; “You don’t wanna count your Dickens before they’re snatched.”