The young Canadian groove-maker is making waves in the musical world with his debut release, The Way I Feel.

As far as his album goes, Shand wants listeners to “put it on in the bedroom, put it on in the car, and relate to it. I want to make them feel the magical feeling that they do when they listen to Marvin [Gaye] and Stevie [Wonder], and soul music in general. That’s the reaction I had listening to them and that’s the reaction I want to project.”

Gaye and Wonder are obvious influences on Shand’s musical creativity and he makes no bones about it. “I look at it as being taught by the masters,” he said. “The geniuses will take you all the way.”

Shand started writing the songs for The Way I Feel at age 19. At the time, he was playing in experimental rock bands but found that fellow Winnipegians weren’t into his musical groove. So, he struck out on his own.

Shand was nominated by film director Baz Luhrmann to the long-list version of the Shortlist Music Prize, but missed the final top 10. He’s also been nominated for five Prairie Music Awards in Canada.

Meanwhile, Shand is keeping himself a steady presence on the stage. He started the year off with a headlining tour of the States and then hopped onboard the Jeep Outdoor Festival during the summer. Now, he’s taking over Canadian theatres through November.

Overseas fans be on the lookout for possible international dates to follow.