Who’s running the Pollstar.com Forums?

Rest assured, for we have the ultimate forum moderator. A man who knows no fear. A man who knows the difference between Bryan Adams and Ryan Adams. A man who understands that control, regulation and domination are the three keywords when it comes to guarding the hallowed halls of free speech.

That man, of course, is our half-human, half-Vulcan chief of IT, Ivan.

Yes, when it comes to the free expression of intellectual concepts that the modern concert industry is known for, there is no one more suited to the task of managing the open channels of communication found in postings about shows by acts as diverse as Rye Coalition and Reel Big Fish than our man Ivan. For he ain’t no lyin’ Ivan. He’s a connivin’ Ivan. An Ivan who’s strivin’ to ensure that free expression will reign supreme on the Pollstar.com Forums.

But what kind of man is Ivan? He’s a spyin’ Ivan, an Ivan who will enliven the discourse of conversations about bands like 3 Doors Down and artists like Vanessa Carlton and Evan Dando. A survivin’ Ivan, who’s been there, done that, and swings a big bat. You don’t want to mess with Ivan, for he ain’t no just arrivin’ off of the bus yesterday Ivan. In fact, back in the early days of AOL they say he flamed a man from Reno just to watch him cry. And we ain’t lyin’.

So as you post your highly conceptual thoughts and ponderings about Iris DeMent, Aerosmith or Creed, remember that Ivan is vyin’ to keep all of our Pollstar.com forums safe for children and promoters alike. And don’t even think of buyin’ off our Ivan for he ain’t no bribin’ Ivan. He’s a hard-drivin’ tongue-tyin’ high-fivin’ Ivan who stands for truth, justice and the Pollstar.com way. That’s our Ivan.

And we ain’t jivin’.