A report from Canadian Press said within 15 minutes of the cancellation announcement, the crowd – estimated at 9,000 – began rioting. Ticket sales windows at GM Place were smashed and when police were called in to quell the mob, rocks were thrown at them.

Web site Canada.com reports “Vancouver police used riot sticks, pepper spray and police dogs to disperse the angry crowd.”

According to Canadian Press, a spokesperson for the band said poor weather conditions at Los Angeles airport made it impossible for Axl Rose’s plane to fly.

However, reports differ. Some rumors say that Rose was actually in Canada but held up in customs and decided to nix the whole thing. MTV reports that Rose was mid-flight when the cancellation was issued. His plane had been late due to mechanical problems.

This is hardly the first time Guns N’ Roses have cancelled tour plans. The band has twice nixed a European tour in the past year or so and has a long history of not showing up at gigs for various reasons. Canadian fans have reason to be especially upset as the last time GNR were scheduled to play (1993) they, ahem, canceled.

Despite the unfortunate tour start, or lack thereof, Guns N’ Roses will continue on with their planned schedule and play Tacoma, Wash., November 8. It’s not yet clear if the Vancouver show will be rescheduled.