The U.K. trip-hop group are heading to the Eastern states December with a two-week outing. The tour features two shows in Canada.

The last time the band toured the U.S. was at the height of their success in 1997. Along with headlining several month’ worth of gigs, Sneaker Pimps also shared a co-bill with Aphex Twin for a month.

Formed by Chris Corner (guitar) and Liam Howe (keys), the two recruited singer Kelli Dayton to join their group and they soon released their first single, “Tesko Suicide.” Sneaker Pimps’ debut, Becoming X, was an instant hit on both sides of the Atlantic. The sound was new and not unlike what Massive Attack, Portishead, and Tricky were doing at the time.

When it came time to work on their sophomore album, the Pimps decided that Dayton’s vocals didn’t jive with what they were doing and booted her, much to the chagrin of press and fans. Suffice to say, subsequent albums didn’t quite match the success of Becoming X.

Meanwhile, former lead singer Dayton has embarked a solo career of her own. She now records under the name Kelli Ali and released her first solo album, Tigermouth, this year. In addition, Ali can be heard on Linkin Park’s song, “My December.”

Sneaker Pimp’s third release, Bloodsport, came out this year.