With five shows, there’s bound to be something for every taste and gigs are lined up according to genre. The Orpheum Theatre hosts Coldplay and Zwan – Billy Corgan’s (Smashing Pumpkins) new band – while the Avalon sees Boxcar Racer, New Found Glory, and Throne.

Moby gets The Paradise Rock Club to himself. SR-71, Sugar Cult, and Burning Brides rock out T.T. The Bear’s. Finally, The Vines, Interpol, and The Damn Personals will take over the Middle East.

The White Stripes were originally scheduled to perform, but frontman Jack White is scheduled to be in Romania shooting a film, so they won’t be showing up after all.

Tickets are on sale through Ticketmaster and range from $10 on up to $40, depending on artist.

WBCN has been hosting the Xmas Rave benefit concerts since the mid-‘90s and has featured performances from The Cure, Ben Folds Five, Garbage, Primus, Catherine Wheel, Ben Harper, Foo Fighters, and Everclear.