Stateside appearances by Faithfull have been few and far between. Her last full-length tour was more than 12 years ago, although she’s had brief stints since. She is, however, a fairly regular face on U.K. and European stages.

For an artist who’s been around nearly four decades, Faithfull has amazing staying power. Of course, she started things off right when she launched her career with the song “As Tears Go By,” penned by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. The single landed Faithfull in the U.K. top 10 and linked her name with Jagger’s – a relationship that would last for many years.

During the ‘70s, Faithfull all but dropped from the music scene. By this time, she and Jagger had split, and she’d developed a serious drug habit. Then, in 1979, she re-ignited her career with the album Broken English. It was an all-new Faithfull – her voice lowered an octave and she began penning her own tunes.

Faithfull’s new album, Kissin’ Time, recalls Broken English. It’s revived her career and sees her collaborating with top, contemporary artists including Beck, Blur, Jarvis Cocker, Billy Corgan, and Dave Stewart.