The lengthy tour heads out February 7 and continues straight through the end of August. Each city will host multi-night performances.

Blue’s Clues Live! Blue’s Birthday Party is the full-scale theatrical production of Nick Jr.’s successful stage show for preschoolers. The show is designed to introduce kids age 2-7 to the world of live theatre.

The production features a new story and songs; familiar faces Periwinkle, Magenta, and Baby Cinnamon; and some brand new characters.

Blue’s Birthday Party takes the audience on a search for clues to discover what Blue wants for her birthday. Each child attending the show will receive a Handy Dandy Notebook and crayon to follow along as the story unfolds and the entire audience helps solve the clues left by Blue.

The first touring production based on the popular Nickelodeon series, Blue’s Clues Live!, launched in 2000 and had a very successful year-long run. The same creative team is onboard for Blue’s Birthday Party, which promises interactivity from the moment the audience enters the theatre to the time it leaves.

Meanwhile, Steve Burns – the popular former Blue’s Clues host – has moved into the music and indie film world. He’s been working with The Flaming Lips and their futuristic movie, “Christmas On Mars,” and is also putting out an album, Songs For Dust Mites.