Gallagher’s injuries forced the band to cancel concerts in Munich on Sunday and Hamburg on Monday.

Munich police said they had detained three members of the group, including Gallagher and drummer Alan White, along with two of their bodyguards and were investigating them on suspicion of assault, resisting arrest and damage to property.

All were released Sunday afternoon.

Witnesses told police the clash began at 2:00 a.m. Sunday in the disco of the Bayerischer Hof hotel, where the band was staying, when the band members were drunk and started pushing each other.

One of them fell against a table where five Italians were seated, police said witnesses told them. When the Italians tried to remove the Oasis member, the rest of the band pounced on them, police cited witnesses as saying.

Hotel security staff then separated the two sides and asked them to leave the nightclub. They called police when the fight resumed outside the building, and police said in a statement that Gallagher had pushed an officer in the chest, injuring him slightly.

A statement posted Monday on the band’s Web site said that “several members of Oasis and their entourage were the victims of an unprovoked attack by a group of youths in a Munich club.”

“Liam Gallagher sustained facial injuries, including several broken teeth, while two of the group’s security guards were forced to seek hospital treatment, one after being knocked unconscious,” the statement said.

Police said two other men, identified as musicians Steven Allen and Philip Smith, and a bodyguard were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. They were all later released.