Pastor Jack Stahl of the Progressive Universal Life Church has been a Tom Jones fan since seeing the legendary Welsh singer on a TV show back in 1969. Since that initial viewing when he was six, Stahl credits Jones as giving him inner peace and turning him on to spiritual matters.

“Considering Tom Jones was responsible for my spiritual awakening as a child, it is only natural for me to incorporate him into my ministry as an adult,” Stahl said. “While doing my spiritual work, I always listen to the angelic voice of singer Tom Jones. I perform sermons, marriages, baptisms, funerals, and exorcisms with the aid of Jones’ music.”

But Stahl doesn’t leave it at turning on the stereo. He says he also dresses up and dances like Jones during church services. “His voice enables me to get in touch with the holy spirit,” Stahl claims.

Jones – who, it can be noted, has never really gone out of style – is hipper than ever these days. His latest album, Mr. Jones, finds the sexy crooner teaming up with rapper Wyclef Jean and extending his fanbase to include a younger audience.

Jones has a monthlong residency at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas at the start of next year. After that, a visit to Hong Kong, three nights in Atlantic City, and he’s off to tour the U.K. Oh, the stamina.